The Grind

The Grind - 2.27.21

Some video games involve grinding, which is where one will do something repeatedly, for a long time, to progress. Sometimes, it can take an hour, or even several hours, or days to complete one task. I'm not the biggest fan of making these kinds of games. These kinds of games get a lot of criticism both from players and communities for either being not so fun, or causing players to play video games for extended periods of time.

But these games were vital to me.

It taught me at a young age that you must work for things in life and persevere. If I wanted a new level in a video game, I needed to train my character for 50 minutes doing repetitive, monotonous tasks. It trained my mind to focus. It taught me that good things do not always come right away, and often very good things require a bit of time.

I was very impressed listening to this speech by Jeffrey R. Holland, who was at the time the President of Brigham Young University. He quoted Winston Churchill who said "What is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory—victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror; victory, however long and hard the road may be. [Churchill: the Life Triumphant, American Heritage, 1965, p. 90]"

Who am I to think my life is difficult? Do I have this level of commitment?

Is my battle that important? Are the things I'm doing that important? There are plenty of things wrong in this world. There are plenty of things which require hard work to make better in this world.

I would ask, is it impossible to have a world where everyone has clean water? Or where no child ever goes hungry? I just think these things will require a lot of hard work. A fair bit of grinding, and overcoming challenges. There are plenty of things to choose from.

Also, are the challenges that fierce? Do I need to hide from bombers up in the sky dropping bombs on my city? Who am I to complain then about my struggles? So many have it far worse, and I believe my fortunate circumstances require me to help those who aren't as fortunate.