Progress - 2.13.21

A very quick method of testing the ability of a musician is to ask them to play slowly.

This might sound strange, but at times you will find musicians who struggle to play slower. They can't keep a steady rhythm. This becomes evidence that the musician might not actually have much of an internal metronome which one would have acquired from dedicated practice.

We learned quite a bit about discipline in a class this week. It may not always be obvious when someone has not put the work in, but somewhere down the line, the cracks will begin to show. The musician who has not practiced slow will not have a solid foundation. They may play some pieces very fast, but will wonder why they cannot improve how clean or accurate their notes are. At some point, this musician will not be able to play a specific piece well, and the work which they did not do before will begin to show.

I've used a few methods for planning and recording my progress. A current method I like quite a bit for tracking progress is a Bullet Journal. It's very flexible and allows one to sort of make ones own template. It's also a great system for remembering things. Though I've considered other methods.

Needless to say, I too am on a journey to try to continue to progress and get better. If you feel down in that journey or that you aren't enough, you're certainly not alone. Continuing to try will lead to great success.