• My father worked so diligently in providing a roof over our heads growing up. I remember him throughout my entire childhood being always there. It was like he was in two places at once, I'm not sure how he did it. His wisdom has guided me. He is wonderful.

  • My mother was so diligent in ensuring we were well attended to and nurtured in our upbringing. She was my advocate, and diligently took me to church for so many years for me to discover God. Her wisdom has guided me. She is wonderful.

  • My brother was always so eager to learn. He's always been encouraging me, and getting involved with my pursuits, as well as being a fellow traveler in this existence we call life. He is incredibly grounded and wise. He is wonderful.

  • My step mother is incredibly compassionate and does so much for the community and many people. She has incredible common sense, and wonderful advise. My father found love after my parent separation, and I'm so happy. She is wonderful.

  • My step father is very diligent, compassionate and hard working. He has sound principles, and cares deeply about other people. He's very smart and incredibly humble. My mother found love after my parent separation, and I'm so happy. He is wonderful.

  • My girlfriend provides immense inspiration and encouragement. She is beautiful, smart, talented and spiritual. She is incredibly patient, diligent, and so consistent. She inspires me to want to be my best. She is wonderful.

  • My extended family has always been there for me as well. They have been incredibly supportive of my pursuits, and have inspired me with their lives and individual pursuits. Though I am not the best at reaching out, they are very good at reaching out to me. They are wonderful.

  • My church reached out to me so many times and I came back. I've met so many wonderful people who faithfully kept up with me. So many in the church have helped me with my educational pursuits, my life, and have given me skills for my career. Most importantly, they have helped me to discover God loves me, and wants me to be my best. It has helped me discover God's existence, and His gospel. It has helped me to learn about His grace. My church is wonderful.

  • My friends have always been there for me. Joke as we may, when push comes to shove they are some of the most wonderful friends a person could ever have. They take interest in my life, and help me immensely in all aspects. They get involved in things I do, and substantially enhance projects and events hosted. They are wonderful.

  • God has been so wonderful. He has been so patient with me, and always continuously reached out. Every time I have followed God, He has always provided results beyond my imagination and wildest dreams. He has been there to lift me when I have been down. He has told me to use this life He has given me. He is wonderful.


Having started a small and humble video game company, I took a class on Entrepreneurship at my school. This is the first week of this course, and a challenge was given to start a journal of my experience. This talk given at the school 22 years ago really inspired me a lot.

From this talk, I chose to list some of the wonderful people in my life who have given me so much. Due to this being public, anonymity was given to respect their privacy. The list is in no particular order.

These individuals have used their talents to make the world better. And specifically for this post, my life. I think God gives us talents to make the world a better place. To help solve problems people have. To provide industry. To feed people. To comfort those in need. To nurture people's growth and development. To provide compassion. To love. To inspire. To bring beauty to the world. To make sure were safe. To make sure we are healthy.

How could I let the efforts of these wonderful people go in vain? Of the myriad of sacrifices they have made on my behalf? Of all the time and love they have given to me? There are so many struggles in this world of all kinds.

This Website

The purpose is to document my humble journey to discovering, cultivating, and using talents to similarly bring about good.

Other Take Aways

From other material we were introduced to this week, a few things stuck out to me.

  • I should try to have a more faithful heart and a stronger mind.

  • I should dream big, and not sell myself or others sacrifices short.

  • I should not try to be cheap, or try to be cheap to others.