Finishing the course on Entrepreneurship at BYU-I was very good. A talk was referenced titled "Finishers Wanted" which concept stuck out to me significantly (link).

If people are to benefit from my efforts and using my talents, then I must finish the products I make. I must bring them to light, and not falter.

Over this course, the three books we were given to read were beneficial. While we did book reports on such, I find that the general concept of reading is very beneficial to the process. One's mind must be allowed to come across various good thoughts of others.


The course asked about what I would include in a final lecture. I'll be brief. Family is perhaps the most important part of this life. This is harmonious with a belief in God in my view, and such a priority I would argue is worshiping God.

Family and career are often seen as conflicting, though the two are somewhat required. Families need physical provisions, and many work for such. But they also need time spent with, and have needs outside such. So career should be harmonious with such. Some people view the two as a trade off, and in some professions it is. In careers, we can sometimes choose lifestyles. I want to benefit families in my career, as well as my own family. I want to work for them, but not too much to where it then does not benefit the family.

I don't have much else. If we use our talents, we can help our families and other families and create value.

At the end of the day, what else really matters? When we die, can we take our wealth with us? I feel like it is more or less what impact we had on others, and families are perhaps the way in which such can be. I want to see people have opportunities in life. I want to be able to provide for my family, and for others to be able to do similar. Entrepreneurship can provide this if this is the right course for a specific individual. The happiness one can achieve from just material things is very limited.