Childhood Dreams

It was pretty awesome that we went over Randy Pausch's Last Lecture in class this week. While I had certainly heard of it, I didn't actually know what his career was. Learning that his big ambition in his childhood was to create worlds, I was instantly amazed!

I went and tried out the Alice software his research team developed, which lets you build stories and games using 3d graphics. I have to say this was incredibly inspirational that his dream in life was so similar, plus that he similarly had a childhood dream and actually accomplished it.

I think he was able to accomplish his dreams by being incredibly ambitious and being true to this dream he had. The world is not that friendly to the good and amazing dreams one might have, and he was an example of someone who didn't allow this to change his attitude.

I've wanted to be a video game developer since I was 5. I loved Lego Creator, and later creating levels for Descent I and II. Code however was a bit difficult for me to understand at the time. When I was around 6 or 7, my computer programmer father gave me a book on Java programming. I didn't understand it at all! But the dream still stuck with me. I tried all sorts of software to learn game programming, and started to get some projects working! I started sharing early prototypes of games with other game developers in high school, and got some much needed feedback. Upon graduating high school, I started to understand C#, and from there learned Objective C and then Swift.

Looking back on the last 4 years of my life though, I realize I wasn't as dedicated to my dream as I could have been. So MorphSight LLC was formed, and about 3 months ago, I went full time making games, deciding to use some of my savings in doing so. And I'm so happy. There's a long way to go on this journey and trying to create games that would be fun and enjoyable to others, but I'm so happy to be following my dreams.

Through those 4 years, my moral conscience was telling me I needed to go for my childhood dream of making games. I started to think about finances, publishing, advertising, business, the technical side, who could I partner with, etc. These answers in some time came, and then it was just a matter of making the leap. While the future is unknown, and I've got a long way with my humble craft, I am so grateful I did!