Becoming - 3.13.2021

In school, we learned quite a bit about becoming something this week, and achieving high goals.

I'm in the process of creating an application I can use to set goals. I looked at what was available, and while there is a lot available, the systems of setting goals are not customizable enough. Also, I'd like to have some other tools and media available to keep me on track. If this application proves useful for myself, I will likely release it as well for others to be able to use.

I want to use what I have, and what I may have in the future, to bring value to the world. Life's great quest perhaps is in not just doing something substantial, but augmenting ones ability to ones potential. I realize I am a work in progress, something which is still somewhat malleable and to which can acquire new talents. One which can pursue new things. I don't want to become hardened beyond malleability in the sense of being able to become better.