Looking to learn programming?

Lots of people are not sure where to start. What does this language do? How difficult is it? What else does one need to know before getting into it? Will it continue to be relevant.

I've included a list of programming languages and technologies below (Scroll down for the list). Much of this is my own personal opinion and comes from my own experience. I've included websites to get started.

Some included here I would not necessarily recommend for beginners. I've mainly included things like Assembly or C largely just to give an introduction to what they are. Don't let me stop anyone from delving into them if they want.

Some languages require installation. I've linked to sites which largely can be used to explore the languages online, through a browser, for this purpose. People use tools to develop in these languages. Some are very simple, and some are very feature rich. I mostly use JetBrain's Software, which is more on the feature rich end of the continuum. But much of these sites linked do not require installation of any tools to start exploring and learning the languages.

Some languages really translate to others. TypeScript turns into JavaScript. Sass turns into CSS. Compiled languages (Java, C++, C#) turn into machine language.

All languages generally have value in learning. Even many which are not included in this list. Objective-C was my exposure to Smalltalk-like structures, which taught me a lot with respect to loose typing.

I hope this list is helpful.